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Case Studies


1800% engaged

28% traffic

36% sales

200x ROAS

Rob helped us optimise our online store; after reviewing all our data, we spent valuable time looking at how we were positioning ourselves to our market. He produced a new creative strategy for organic social media (our audiences are active across Facebook, Instagram, Google search), and then rebuilt our ad campaigns to create broader brand awareness with full retargeting. He also made various changes to our store, simplifying the steps our customers take to transact with us. The results? A 1800% increase in comments and shares on Facebook/Instagram, a 28% increase in Google traffic, and most importantly a 36% increase in actual sales (including a 200x Return On Ad Spend!)

Troy, Founder


250% mentions

35% conversion

17% LTV

12x ROAS

Working with Rob is a great experience; we were struggling to really connect with our audiences (which meant poor sales through our funnel and online store). He helped us clarify our proposition and produced a really solid plan for creating new content. Rob also made substantial changes to the store, optimising everything for mobile as well as introducing bump selling. We’ve had 250% increases in social brand mentions, a 35% increase in sales conversion, and better post-sales engagement (which has boosted our average customer lifetime values (LTV) by 17%).

Todd, Business Partner


12x followers

600% engaged

10+ leads/week


We couldn’t work out how to get to market; after wasting time (and money!) with other agencies, we chose to work with Rob. He took the time to understand our product and mapped out a new approach, focusing on Facebook and Instagram growth. Following his guidance, we published content and saw engagement shoot up! He then built out a new ad campaign and helped us optimise our conversion processes. Since we started, we’ve increased our following more than 12x and have an automated process in place that delivers 10+ leads per week.

Laska, Entrepreneur

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